Mark Cooley

About Mark Cooley

Mark Cooley's journey into fine art photography is a testament to the power of following your passion. Starting later in life as a hobbyist photographer armed with just a phone, Mark evolved into a seasoned professional Canon shooting photographer with a distinctive eye for capturing architectural marvels, cityscapes, landscapes, editorial portraits, and lifestyle moments.

Specializing in transporting viewers to unique destinations through his lens, Mark thrives on the art of storytelling through photography. His work reflects not only his technical skills but also his innate ability to evoke emotions and tell compelling stories.

Beyond the lens, Mark finds joy in collaboration, particularly with his wife. Together, they form a dynamic duo, with his wife handling the marketing and business aspects. She not only contributes to the success of their photography endeavors but also serves as Mark's muse, inspiring him to discover the most unique locations for creating captivating portraits.

Mark's photography is more than just a visual experience; it's an invitation to share in the joy of discovery, to explore new destinations, and to appreciate the beauty found in every moment

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